Bajra Barahi Clinic

Bajra Sarahi Clinic: The newly-built green-roofed building in the centre will be both office and home for the next seven weeks

I would like to say an enormous thank you to my patients, friends, and family for your overwhelming support and enthusiasm in my upcoming adventures. As communication options will be limited, starting a blog-newsletter seems a good way to go. All comments (once I work out how to set that up) and emails are welcome to keep the conversation going!

On January 5th, I will be traveling to the rural district of Makwanpur, Nepal, as part of a small team working in clinics served by the Acupuncture Relief Project. We will each be seeing somewhere between 16-25 patients daily, free of charge, over the next seven weeks and there is already a waitlist of 600 people signed up for treatment.

While well known for the beauty of the landscape and it’s people, Nepal remains one of the poorest countries in the world. The recent devastating earthquakes and political unrest have only exacerbated the problems. This clinic is the main source of medical care, health education, and diagnostic assessment in an area where many of the patients have never seen a doctor. Importantly, Acupuncture Relief Project also provides invaluable support to the community through training and employment of interpreters, plus skill sharing and helping to educate a new generation of Nepali healthcare workers. Established in 2008 and committed to working in this area long term to provide a sustainable new model of health care, Acupuncture Relief Project provided nearly 10,000 patient treatments last year alone, but there is the potential to reach so many more by following their vision. I feel very fortunate to be able to participate in this fantastic project.

An enormous thank you to all of you who have contributed to my fundraising.  If you would like to know more about the charity or donate (fundraising closes within a couple of days), please click here.   All donations are tax deductible as Acupuncture Relief Project is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. The money raised mostly goes towards clinic costs, medications, and supplies, with the remainder covering flights and basic subsistence costs during the clinic rotation. For example:

$20 pays for 10 days of an interpreter
$50 will cover the cost of clinic supplies of one practitioner for a week
$100 will pay for all our clinic expenses for one day – that could mean treatment for 120 people.

Thank you!