My treatments are more comprehensive and hands-on than most to ensure that we can maximize the therapeutic benefit and get to the heart of your issues.  Typically, you will receive acupuncture on both the front and back plus Tui Na (Chinese medical massage), with the addition of other therapies such as trigger point dry needling, craniosacral, moxibustion, cupping, or external herbal applications, as appropriate. Your symptoms are looked at in the context of the whole person and your treatment is tailored to how you are presenting on that particular day. We will go into details such as diet and sleep to see if they are contributing to the issue at hand, and to help you build healthy habits; exercises may be recommended to stretch and strengthen; Chinese herbal formulas may be prescribed for more stubborn problems. I find this multi-faceted approach to restoring and maintaining health to produce incredibly effective and enduring results for a vast range of issues—both chronic and acute. I firmly believe that it is essential for you to be an active participant in your own wellbeing.

While some of the tools and language may seem mystical, exotic, or esoteric, what I really love about this medicine is that it is actually very firmly grounded in common sense and practicality. Rather than suppressing symptoms, acupuncture aims to restore correct function, and it is this restoration of the normal that makes the symptoms go away, making it a very safe medicinal practice. In fact the only side effects that patients are likely to experience are the improvements that spill into other areas of their lives such as a better quality of sleep, better digestion, more balanced emotions, and a greater ability to handle stress. It is a reminder to the body about how best to live life.

“I am a sculptor and, after a 5 year period of intense work, my right forearm had completely rebelled against me causing me debilitating pain whenever I tried to lift a tool.  For a year I tried endless masseurs and exercises all to no avail and feared that I would no longer be able to work.  Emma gave me one treatment and within a day I could feel the pain lessen and my forearm begin to return to its old self.”


Do you have a fear of needles?

As someone who was deeply needle-phobic myself, I can assure you that this is nothing like any previous experience you may have had with the needles used in Western medicine. I largely practice a style of Japanese acupuncture that uses extremely fine needles (barely wider than a hair), and doesn’t require eliciting strong sensation. The combination of techniques I use mean that needles are just one aspect of the treatment however, you wouldn’t want to skip them as they come with that wonderful endorphin-releasing buzz.

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